Your comfort is our priority

Bighouse AS is a private independent Norwegian investment company. We focus on what we do best: managing our portfolio of exclusive rental properties and developing our other long term industrial investment objects.

19 Apartments

We have many apartments to choose from in both Haugesund and Stavanger browse our listings bellow and see what suits your needs best.

Company rentals

If you or your company wants to rent one or more apartments we are here to help.

Ready to move in

You only need the key and your own toothbrush to move into a very modern 100 % furnished and equipped apartment.


To filter our listings by cities, simply press the listings button under your preferred city.


Check out all of our rental listings in Haugsund, if you have any questions about a porperty dont hesitate to contact us!


Browse our listings in Stavanger, or contact us if you're already interested in a property.

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